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Reality PR delivers effective PR through online, social media, print and broadcast.

We’re a new breed of tech PR agency that adds value to all aspects of your marketing campaign. We drive traffic to your website, boost your SEO rankings, generate leads, attract investment and create a buzz around your brand. We do this by delivering powerhouse PR campaigns that mixes fuel injected content management and SEO with social and media relations. We understand tech, we work as part of your team and we achieve measurable targets for every campaign.

Business to Business

Our team has over 25 years’ experience in promoting companies that provide services and products for businesses in established and emerging markets.


From start-ups to industry leaders, we understand what differentiates a business from the competition. We are passionate about promoting products.


If your business has a consumer product or service to market, a public relations campaign will work for you.


We offer everything you need to deliver the most effective, innovative and creative broadcast campaigns over radio and TV.

Get free PR tips and tricks for your business

Get the latest PR tips and tricks. Get advice on how to use social media to your advantage. Receive actionable takeaways to keep you ahead of the competition and we’ll also keep you informed about new free tools for PR. All you need to do is signup here.

We help you
define your brand

In a distracted and busy market, what makes you different? We help you define your brand, develop your messaging and promote the values that make you special.

<b>Identify</b> exactly what your business is offering and to which markets.

Identify exactly what your business is offering and to which markets.

Reality PR will extract what makes you different from your competitors and use this to create your story and your messages.

<b>Target,</b> target, target

Target, target, target

It’s not quantity, or column inches, that matters, it’s making sure the messages hit the right market. Reaching to the relevant influencers and building media relations that matter is the glue that brings the messaging together.

We create great content

You want to communicate what you do and demonstrate your expertise to the market, however it’s full of material all competing for our attention. We develop great content, through thought leadership, white papers blogs and articles that resonate and add value.

Getting the message right

Getting the message right

We write well-written thought leadership articles, opinion pieces and by-lines which work brilliantly in sparking debate around your business.

Social is key

Social is key

Social media is a key part of any PR strategy. We create engaging content that people want to share and talk about online.

We help businesses grow by reaching out to the people that matter.

Reality PR will make you
more proud of your business.

Watch your business spread across your market as more and more people connect with you.

Excellent media contacts

25 October 2017

“Since working with Reality PR in 2015 they have supported us to achieve more visibility in the trade media to establish YOC in the UK. They have an excellent knowledge of the digital advertising space with valuable contacts.”

Martina Serwene

Head of Corporate Communications, YOC

An amazing job

3 September 2017

“Thanks doesn’t quite cut it, but it’ll have to do”

Jim Sterne, Author and Producer

Emetrics Summit

Part of our team

1 June 2017

“You are clearly one of the leading PR consultants in digital marketing. We’ve had outstanding media coverage since working with you, you have very much become part of our team”

Matt Trimmer


Our clients

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Facebook M was first introduced as the text based vitual assistant in August 2015. Although only initially available to a handful of people in California, the company suggested that the human-powered assistant would be available to more users. But it never was, and now it has gone. Facebook claimed that it launched this project to learn what people needed and expected of an assistant, and they learned a lot. So where is Facebook going next with AI and virtual assistants?

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Now is the time to start booking your tickets for this year’s hottest events and conferences in Travel. Think about your PR and marketing strategy, your SEO and your CRO. There may be some speaker slots up for grabs and there will certainly be sponsorship opportunities. Choose your event wisely. Consider why you’re going, who’s going to be there, who the speakers are, the programme, the level it’s pitched at and the networking opportunities.

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PR in the travel industry doesn’t get better than this

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The travel industry is going through exciting and unprecedented levels of change and innovation, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the introduction of the package holiday. Competition among hotels and airlines is fierce and margins are squeezed tighter than your favourite pair of jeans after Christmas. This brings with it serious questions on current practices, the rise of new technology and an endless supply of exciting new start-ups. For a PR agency this is a dream.

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