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our success is in no small part due to the fantastic PR

“TagMan went from being a small start up to a global brand in just a few years. Reality PR has been with us throughout that process and our success is due in no small part to the fantastic PR they achieved for us.”

Paul Cook

MD and Founder, TagMan

Case Study: TagMan

How Reality PR promoted TagMan from a start up into the award winning, industry leading global tag management system.

Founded in 2007 by Paul Cook, TagMan is the smart container tag for enterprise e-commerce.

Reality PR was appointed to launch TagMan, raise awareness of the team behind it and establish the new platform in a media which had limited knowledge of the importance of tagging.

We started by creating a media relations campaign – enabling key journalists to meet TagMan and learn first hand about the platform. Thomas Cook was one of TagMan’s first major brands to use the platform and we announced this story in a press release to invite the media to hear about the benefit of TagMan.

A targeted campaign using a combination of digital media, marketing and industry specific (travel industry) publications meant that TagMan was getting noticed by the key opinion formers and decision makers.

By monitoring the digital media news very closely we were able to use issues associated with duplicate affiliate fees and tracking visitors. We created published byline articles which demonstrated TagMan’s understanding of the problem and its dedication and ability to resolve them. This also served to elevate the profile of TagMan’s directors and key personnel.

A series of targeted press releases announcing news, including new clients, investment and appointments followed. This kept TagMan regularly in the media.

Case studies proved just how effective TagMan is and how critical it is to an online business.

In 2010 TagMan achieved the NMA innovation award and has a client list which is like a who’s who of top brands. These include Thomas Cook, Virgin Atlantic, Boden, Debenhams, Laura Ashley, Subaru and many more. The company also has an office in the US.

TagMan is regularly asked to comment on issues involving web analytics, affiliate marketing and campaign measurement. UK General manager Jon Baron is a regular speaker at the main industry conferences.

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