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This is how you build a PR plan that gets results

November 22, 2017
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November 22, 2017 sarah

The rise in digital media has completely shaken up traditional ideas of press coverage and given businesses, whether large, medium or start up, more opportunities than ever before to achieve their objectives through PR.

Well planned public relations campaigns are often far more effective at reaching target markets and achieving business goals than advertising but they need to be planned well. You have a great business and you want to shout about it and get your messages and your products or services out there but before you do just take a step back and take time to make a plan.


1. What are your PR Objectives?

You need to list your objectives for PR just like every other form of marketing. So, consider what you want to achieve through PR

  • Is PR going to be used to profile your expertise? If so, consider who you want to target – your industry peers, the opinion formers in the press, the industry influencers or your potential clients or customers?

Do you want PR to create and reinforce your brand and professional corporate image?

Are your objectives to generate sales or leads or to launch a new product or service?


2. What are your PR Goals?

Once you have established your objectives you need to drill down on your goals. They need to be measurable and results focused and they should be in line with your business, sales and marketing objectives.


3. Who is your target audience and what do you want to say about your business?

You need to determine who your target audience is as this will impact on the types of media you will be focused on. You will also need to agree on your key business messages.


4. Make sure that your PR campaign works with your marketing and sales plans

  • There should be absolute synergy between PR, sales and marketing. Work it together


5. Agree your plan

You will need to decide on the methods you’re going to use to communicate to the media and your audience. For example – byline articles, press releases, media interviews, speaking at events, influencer PR


6. Measure Measure Measure

  • Track and review the results of your PR campaign. Consider whether you achieved your objectives or if you need to change your approach or plan.
"PR is about keeping an eye on what’s going on in the industry around you, reviewing your plans and constantly measuring.  Get that right and the results will follow."
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