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Why good content writing requires creativity and an in-depth knowledge of the industry

April 9, 2018
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April 9, 2018 Andy

Why good content writing requires creativity and an in-depth knowledge of the industry

There are a lot of talented writers out there and I don’t just mean the people who make a living out of writing. CEOs, CTOs, account managers, marketing managers, you name it there will be content written by them on their specialist subject. It’s great to see and generally they are well written.

Companies and people in business need great content published. It drives traffic, generates backlinks, supports SEO activities and elevates the brand and the individual. However, content isn’t just about self-promotion, brand awareness or driving traffic. It’s also about the publication for which it is intended and the end user, ie. the reader. Publishers want to fill their pages with good quality, insightful and useful content. It’s what generates their readership and brings people there in the first place.

When you write content specifically for an industry publication you need to know at what level it needs to be pitched. Too technical and the publication may turn it down because their readers won’t understand it. Not technical enough and their readership may find it too lightweight. You need to know this otherwise you’ll probably be wasting your time. So, read other articles they’ve published, get a feel for the level and the types of content and always keep this in mind when creating your piece. Most businesses have a good idea where they want to be seen but many don’t take the time to actually read the publication and familiarise themselves with its content.

Now let’s consider the actual content. Remember, it is a reflection and a representation of you and your company. It must clearly and undeniably demonstrate that you know your subject. It must be interesting and engaging but above all it must give the reader something. whether it’s your opinion on recent events, a view of the future, advice on industry laws or processes, new technology or other. It has to be insightful and engaging and you have to write with authority. That kind of content can only come from someone who knows their subject well. Someone who has an in-depth knowledge of the industry and understands the issues within it. Just keep this in mind before you start creating your masterpiece.