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This is not the time to stop communicating with your markets

April 27, 2020
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April 27, 2020 Andy

We know that this crisis will be over, we just don’t know when.  The temptation for businesses during these difficult times may be to cancel marketing budgets and cut lines of communication. You may have already stripped out your google ads or your direct mail campaign but don’t put your PR strategy on hold too. Keeping the lines of communication going while preparing the business for the future will help you come out the other side even stronger.

Communicating consistent and confident messages, whether it be to consumers or businesses will show that you’re open and honest. Be real, don’t flower it up. We are all in this together and messages with a real sense of purpose will instill a confidence in your business. People and businesses want to read something more than just the daily feed of pandemic news and publications need unrelated content too.

Keep those lines of communication going to ensure that your business is in the best position when this is all over.