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Customer personalisation Is key In travel

May 25, 2018
May 25, 2018 Andy

Customer Personalisation Is Key In Travel

Competition in the travel industry is fierce. There is no other way to put it. It’s at an all time high and brands are competing to understand how customers engage with them. What their needs are, what kind of person they are, how old they are and how customers want to engage with them.

We have clear sets of travellers, the millennials, the baby boomers and the retired. They’re all different , and they have a different approach to the way they book their travels.

Brands work hard to gain their loyalty so they need to be aware of how to present their product and offers for each visitor.

The golden ticket is to understand the context of the person and what they’re looking for. This is key. A person who books a flight for business may be the same person who books a family holiday. Same person, different set of needs and priorities. Therein lies the challenge. This is where personalization can fill in the gaps and brands can act on intent.

Brands are looking at ways to understand that context because that’s where loyalty is gained and repeat purchases are made.
So, how are they doing this?

If you consider the location of the potential browser and cross reference with deals in nearby airports then browsers can be offered tailored deals. Who wouldn’t want that? This is just one example. The options are endless and when you throw air miles into the mix and the possibilities this presents – highlighting when a customer can use their air miles for example – and dynamic pricing, you begin to see the possibilities of greater personalisation.

The old approach of offering the same deals in the same way to everybody is no longer an option. People want tailored choice and they want personalisation. They have different travel and booking needs and they want you to understand them. Just like when they walk into a travel agent and find the person who just “gets it”. If they don’t get it from you they will happily go somewhere else.