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Free tools for your PR campaign

December 13, 2017
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December 13, 2017 sarah

Free PR tools are out there to help you deliver a campaign that drives traffic to your website and boosts your SEO.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top PR tools to help you plan and execute a PR campaign that works alongside your SEO, whether you’re running an established tech business or a start-up.

PR is about quality content and influencers and social media is a key platform. You have to be more creative than ever before to get your messages out there and link it with your SEO to scale up those SERPs.

So here it is – a list of free online tools which will help you plan and execute your PR campaign, then measure and analyse the results to discover what works and what needs tweaking.

If you need some help to kick start your PR, take advantage of our free consultancy service which gives you tips and ideas that you can use straight away. All is you need to do to get started is click below and we’ll get right back to you.

A News Tip

Search through 1 billion+ tweets from the creation of Twitter to today from 1 million+ journalists and media outlets, to find relevant media contacts for your industry. You can also set up twitter alerts, create media lists and pitch directly through the interface.


Hey Press

A search engine for startup journalists. You search for a keyword, and then it scours the net to find the most relevant journalists. Searches are free– and return information like the reporter’s name, their outlet, location, email, social profiles and recent articles.



A tool that searches for content on several social media networks and then ranks content by the number of social shares. You can organize ranking by most shared. trending now, content analysis, domain comparison, and top authors.


Journo Requests

A daily email of the #journorequest hashtag on on Twitter. It breaks down requests from Journalists made on Twitter. With the pro version, you can set up custom alerts.


Answer The Public

This free tool enables you to search for questions related to a keyword. As you type you get an aggregated view of the questions and so an idea of the motivations of people behind each search query. You find out which questions people are asking from Google and you can filter by Country, type of question, popularity and more. It helps with your content creation and SEO.


Mash Feed

By combining relevant user & hashtag feeds into custom collections, Mashfeed makes it simple to find great new content to follow based on topics that interest you, while helping you re-discover your favorites amidst the clutter of social media. With Mashfeed, enjoying quality content from your favorite creators on social media has never been so simple.

With Mashfeed you can stay up to date on what people are saying about your brand and who is contributing to your latest hashtags.

Just set up one or more Mashfeed collections that include all of the relevant hashtag or keyword feeds that you want to track, and sit back and watch as all the latest posts are pulled together for you. Return to Mashfeed and open your collections at any time for an up-to-the-minute look at all posts that matter to you.