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Social media Usage has increased by 50% since Lockdown. How can you explore these opportunities for your brand?

May 4, 2020
May 4, 2020 Andy

We are all still in lockdown and most of us are turning to social media for our news, entertainment, escapism, exercise, learning. You name it. A recent report saw a 50% increase in social media use in the last week of April compared to the same time last year and the new influencer stars like Joe Wicks are attracting millions of followers and reportedly signing new book deals on the back of it.

What else have we got at the moment? We can’t go to the gym, we can’t go to workshops or seminars or cookery classes, so we devour everything we can through social media. Influencers, once starting to annoy and getting a bad press by seemingly blagging what they could and having nice holidays for free, have now become the new online Kings and Queens. This new generation are broadcasting from their homes, involving their families and above all giving us something tangible. Whether that’s a workout, a cookery lesson or a laugh. Theyre back in in touch with their audiences, they’ve become real and they’re doing it very well.

Social Media has also sparked a raft of new people posting silly videos of themselves dancing in tutus or daily lunar updates with the moon’s effect on our state of mind. Just normal people with nothing else to do who are watching others and thinking “I could do that”. Stars of the future maybe.

With all this going on and a captive audience that’s getting bigger by the day you need to seriously think how your brand can benefit and you need to be creative. There are lots of great causes out there, positive messages, people getting active, people having to do things they’ve not done for years – like cutting their kids hair. So think about how your brand can fit into this new way of living and self-sufficiency . Maybe you sell hair products so can use a professional hairdresser to give us all a few tips on how not to make your kid look like Jim Carrey in Dumb & Dumber.  Think What influencers would work well for you and how can you use social media for your brand? It’s relatively cheap, no big production costs required these days, just a bit of time and imagination.